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Reconnect with your spouse

using our counseling tips

Helping you keep your relationship alive and happy

Have you been sensing a distance in the relationship with your partner? Married life takes a toll on everyone and it is a rare individual who claims they have not entertained thought of what life would be if they could break the marriage. When marital issues become too much to handle, it's time for you to visit us!

Marriage counseling has its benefits:

Words of advice you can rely on

  • Develops more effective problem solving

  • Keeps difficult issue from feeling "too big"

  • Tries to find a solution acceptable to both parties

  • Reopens lines of communication

  • Helps partners rediscover each other

  • Rekindles the love and romance

  • And much more

You don't want to pay a counselor to watch you fight with your partner. That's not what Shane M. Jones & Associates, P.A. believes in doing when you come to us,


We'll highlight the Danger Signs and the Hidden Issues in every marriage. If your marriage shows any these signs, we'll help you, as a couple, gain "mastery" over these issues. We work with you to help you gain understanding.

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