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A sample of 'The Bedrock'

will be your stepping stone to a healthier life

You can realize the importance of acceptance

with our effective counseling and coaching

Acceptance is the foundation to develop a healthy life. Counselors at Shane M. Jones & Associates, P.A. will clarify the difference between approval and acceptance and help you apply this difference in your life without mistaking approval for acceptance. We'll take you through the process that has led others to develop a healthy life with the help of "The Bedrock Book of Acceptance."

15 characteristics of lack of bedrock

  • Often feel everyone else got the “blueprint” on life but you

  • Tend to feel anxious when asked questions about your performance

  • Have fear of others really getting to know who you are

  • Struggle with knowing who you are, what you like and want

  • Intimate relationships are often confusing and stressful

  • Having “fun” is often stressful, with feelings of uneasiness and guilt

  • Constantly seek approval and affirmation

  • “Create realities” for others

  • You're very critical of yourself

  • Tend to sabotage your success

  • Become anxious over changes when you don’t have control over them

  • Feel responsible for others’ emotional state and general well-being

  • Have difficulty saying "no"

  • May have trouble following projects through from beginning to end, but extremely loyal in situations where the loyalty is undeserved

  • You'll not take time to think things through before making a decision, and as a result spend much energy fixing the outcome of the decision

Whatever you're going through, we'll help you heal and develop a happier, healthier life with the help of "The Bedrock Book of Acceptance."

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