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Cope with your stress

by seeking help from our professionals

Overcome the tragedy you've suffered to find peace and happiness

Depression is the most common consequence of the loss of a loved one. But did you know that losing your job or your home can also push a vulnerable individual into taking a drastic step? Grief counseling can come to your aid in such times and that's where we step in. Let us help you deal with the loss you've faced in life.

Cope with these issues and more

Deal with your grief in a healthy way

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Loss or grief

  • Life transitions

If you've been going through any of the above mentioned issues, there is hope-you don't have to feel "stuck". The goal is to help you reach a solution that is beneficial to your physical and mental health.


There are many skills and tools we teach that have helped others and can help you.

Need counseling in Topeka or Lawrence? We're here for you! Just visit us at these locations.

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