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A book of experiences

to help you recover from your trauma

Find the peace of mind you deserve with

'The Bedrock Book of Acceptance'

Through "The Bedrock Book of Acceptance," a to-the-point and concise book, our therapists will help you move forward with your recovery process. Shane M. Jones has put together his 28 years' experience in this book to help you understand the effects that childhood deprivation and trauma has on you.

Helping you have a healthier life

Work with us for the best results

Once you understand the effects that your trauma has on you, it'll also help you realize that you're not alone. There's hope for a much healthier life than what you think. "The Bedrock Book of Acceptance" is not just a "self-identification book." It is more of a "self-help" book that you can use for best recovery results. It's not a replacement to therapy but it walks you through the recovery process with useful information and helpful assignments.

You can attain the best results from the book when you work with Shane M. Jones & Associates, P.A., your professional counselor. The 6 steps of recovery will help you find out what you need for true recovery. Here's a comment about the book: "I have been using your information, & my clients have been blessed by it.  Thank you for what you are doing to help therapists as they assist their clients in healing." Visit us at any of our locations to start your recovery process."

Experience true recovery with the helpful information in "The Bedrock Book of Acceptance" — an easy-to-read tool for recovery with no overwhelming jargon.

You're not alone; we're with you.






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